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/com·mon/ (kom´en)
1. belonging to or shared by two or more entities.
2. usual; being frequent, prevalent, widespread, or habitual.
3. most frequent and best known of its kind.


a shared structure, function, disease. See also under specific name of the item, e.g. atrioventricular canal.

common chemical sense
mediated by the trigeminal nerve from chemical sense organs in the conjunctival sac and in the nasal and buccal cavities.
common fee
the fee for professional services agreed to formally or informally by a local group of the veterinary profession, usually determined by an interpractice survey of fees actually charged.
common law
the law of common usage, the practice or code which is usually followed. Based on decisions of the courts in individual cases. It is not written down as statutory law is.
common pathway
see coagulation pathways.
common salt
see sodium chloride.
common source
a point from which a number of animals are infected or affected. The point from which a common source or point epidemic begins.
common stonecrop
common sucker

Patient discussion about common

Q. What are the types of cancers that are most common? I am interested in knowing what are the types of cancers that happen the most, because I hear many people getting sick with colon cancer and for instance I don’t know anyone who got lung cancer.

A. The most common cancer types by occurrence in men are: prostate, lung, colorectal and bladder cancer. The most common in women are: breast, lung, colorectal and endometrial (uterine) cancer. The most common mortality both in men and in women is caused by lung cancer.

Q. Common cold but dreadful. I am suffering from a dreadful common cold. As I write: believe me, I long to have done with it. I am not enjoying it in the least. I fear however that I am already too old to see the day when the common cold becomes history. I tried the simple first aid tablets but no use. Could you use this session to help me out?

A. chicken soup :) the best cure!
you can try fresh ginger tea - it really make it easier..opens up the sinuses, drys up the mucous.

Q. what is the most common allergy? is it dust allergy?

A. thanks, I've heard of a new allergy treatment and trying to learn some more about the different kinds...

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The common interest doctrine also has been recognized in the 3rd Restatement of the Law Governing Lawyers, [section] 76, which states, in part, "If two or more clients with a common interest in a litigated or nonlitigated matter are represented by separate lawyers and they agree to exchange information concerning the matter, a communication of any such client that otherwise qualifies as privileged .
Thus, the special valuation rules do not apply to a transfer of common stock when the transferor retains common stock.
Ultimately, the process should be one that has the greatest likelihood of creating a set of rules regarding a common tax base that will be consistently applied.
128 requires all public companies to disclose basic EPS if they have a simple capital structure with no potential common shares from convertible securities, stock options or warrants.
Common whites believed "that poor men were as good as rich ones," and their culture "trained them to believe that they ought to mock those in high places.
The premium (5% in Wallace) multiplied by the company's value would be divided by the shares of voting common stock and then added to the voting common stock's share price otherwise determined.
That ruling involved a corporation owning 100 percent of the common stock and 50 percent of the preferred stock of a subsidiary.
In addition, the two-thirds yield test seems to be biased against common stock equivalence, since it compares the return of a relatively low-risk Aa-rated corporate bond with that of a given company's convertible security that may be riskier because of the company's credit standing.
In such event, Prudential argued, it should not be required to pay the common charges to the condominium since Prudential's first mortgage was a superior lien to the lien for unpaid common charges according to law.
include in basis on sale) a property's allocable share of the estimated cost of common improvements, without regard to whether the costs are incurred under the economic performance requirement, subject to certain limitations.

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