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Our Committee on Corporate Reporting filed a comment letter to the SEC on anticipated management guidance for internal control reporting.
The court assumed that an "Ethics Committee or like body of the institution" existed in most hospitals.
Past: CalCPA Board of Directors; CalCPA Council; CalCPA International Business Committee, chair; CalCPA Taxation Committee; San Diego Chapter, president; San Diego Chapter Tax Committee, chair; San Diego Chapter Global Opportunities Committee, chair; California CPA Education Foundation International Conference Planning Committee; AICPA Tax Practice Guides Committee; AICPA International Conference Steering Committee; AICPA CPA Ambassadors Training.
Before the portfolio is constructed, it's essential that the members of the committee have a clear understanding and agreement about the desired return of the endowment and the acceptable level of risk necessary to achieve it.
The procedures for ethical concerns, as adopted by the Board of Directors, are organized into three sections: a) Submission of a Concern; b) Ethical Concerns Committee and c) Referral to MTNA Board of Directors.
In discussions undertaken in light of the pending effective date of the Freedom of Information Act, the Committee agreed that information about monetary policy decisions should be made available to the public on a timely basis but that caution was needed so that the information released would not impair the Committee's ability to formulate and implement policy.
The Idaho Republican stepped down to become chair of the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs.
1637, filed with the House Committee on Ways and Means (6/3/04).
Everything we sent out had all of the names of members of the Committee on Resources on it.
Dan Burton (R-IN), House International Relations Committee
The Audit Committee Toolkit, which contains matrices, questionnaires, sample forms, checklists and other items, is designed to help audit committees uphold their fiduciary responsibilities.
Committee on Membership: The Chair of this committee shall be responsible for increasing the membership of the Society.

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