commemorative sign

com·mem·o·ra·tive sign

a phenomenon pointing to the previous existence of some disease other than the one present at the time.
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The ten winning schools received a commemorative sign with the inscription 'School Against Racism', to be placed at the entrance of each school building.
The 'Patch for the 96' is a special way for all football fans from across the world to come together in support and is a commemorative sign of unity.
Union Pacific also memorialized Coal City as an official Train Town, USA providing them with a commemorative sign, an official Train Town, USA resolution and a specially-minted Union Pacific gold coin.
In honor of Rosa Parks, considered the mother of the civil rights movement, three council members unveiled a commemorative sign reading, ``Inspiration for a Nation.
People come from all over the world to see the palace and the house has a commemorative sign.
Clifford De Mello, a retired fire captain, and his son, Daine, added to their extensive holiday display by depicting three New York City firefighters, the American flag and a commemorative sign.
Elsewhere in the country, communities had been encouraged to celebrate the Festival and festivities began with trees planted and new commemorative signs erected.
If wary of an overly carnal or potentially idolatrous attitude toward sacraments, Herbert does not appear to have had much sympathy for those who regarded the elements merely as commemorative signs.
Editors note: Photos of the commemorative signs will be available for uploading today on the Auto Club's Web site.