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Etymology: L, commendare, to protect
an order given to the computer to execute a specific instruction, such as a code that evokes a particular program or performs a particular function.


n the portion of a computer-related instruction that specifies the operation to be performed. A term used with hardware operations.
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shouted the commander with a tone of suffering in his voice, while there were still five men between him and Dolokhov with his bluish-gray uniform.
he said, addressing one of the battalion commanders who smilingly pressed forward (it was plain that they both felt happy).
In the past, the term "FSCOORD" was attributed to the senior commander of the firing unit supporting the maneuver commander.
As a competent field commander, Meade skillfully coordinated the movement of his strung-out units toward the impending battle at Gettysburg.
In his first appearance before the House Veterans' Affairs Committee since being elected National Commander, Barton said "the DAV has been fighting to make sure that veterans health care is adequately funded, and that those funds are available on the first day of the new fiscal year.
The SDDC commander was in Okinawa visiting the 835th Transportation Battalion as part of his continued engagement with command battalion operations.
But on one point the former mujahideen commander is certain: 'Even if all the world were to come to Afghanistan, they will not be able to stop smuggling'.
Colonel Jeter, former 95th Air Base Wing commander, was relieved of command Friday due to lack of confidence in his ability to properly execute the responsibilities of that command,'' said a statement released Monday.
Specifically, throughout the course of these incidents, the on-scene commander relies on the crisis negotiation coordinator to provide periodic briefings that give the status (an overall description of the incident), an assessment (an analysis of the incident), and recommendations (guidance and strategy).
Even worse, neither the trial counsel nor the commander ever attempted to contact each other before trial.
Many escaped as the Army failed to slam the door behind them, despite the notable efforts of some division commanders to push boldly forward.
Commander Budget operates entirely on networked Windows and DOS- based personal computers.

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