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Drug slang noun Cocaine
verb To snort a drug, inhale cocaine, or smoke marijuana
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Now before your imaginations run wild at thoughts of Jimmy the Dancer coming to blows with Olive the overactive orangatang, I have to point out (albeit reluctantly) that no animal was involved.
MOST managing directors would have a problem with their staff coming to blows on a daily basis.
Also featured are two men coming to blows they vie for a hugely discounted television in the sales, a furious farmer spraying his local bank with manure and cyclists publicising their cause by pedalling into town almost naked, Things take a darker turn when a club bouncer confronted by an armed and dangerous customer.
As Paul and Lloyd have a blazing row, Jason stops them coming to blows.
Kardashian, 31, and Humphries were seen coming to blows during the season premiere of 'Kourtney and Kim Take New York', which was aired on U.
Punch pair are a big hit X FACTOR fighters Abbey Johnston and Lisa Parker will be shown coming to blows tonight - after agreeing the clip could be screened.
PORTSMOUTH midfield duo Michael Brown and Jamie O''Hara have been warned after coming to blows in a training ground bust up over a hefty tackle.
It is understood Evans' passport was hidden by a player before getting to Reykjavik airport and it ended with Gillespie and McCartney coming to blows before the plane took off for London.
First single Maneater for example sounds like Gnarls Barkley and Madonna coming to blows in a hot, sweaty club.
Other billboard ads show women dressed in French Connection clothes and coming to blows.
Keane was reportedly walking his Labrador dog when he got into a row with the youngster before coming to blows close to Hale Golf Course.
Against the odds, theBakers have successfully raised their brood without sacrificing their dreams or coming to blows.