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Who is the strange young woman who comes upon Siobhan in the park and gives her the solution to her feeling of loss in not being able to recall her dead mother's face?
According to Automobile Magazine Design Editor, Robert Cumberford, 'The first point of appreciation comes upon approaching the car.
Friendly's decision to switch to renting comes upon the heels of its acquisition in August by an affiliate of Sun Capital Partners.
Russell comes upon a treasure map and creates a Treasure Seeker machine to help him find the buried treasure.
Paging through TNT's press materials for ``Saved,'' Scott comes upon a press release describing him as ``boyishly handsome,'' and laughs.
In asking his question, John Rivera, 13, from Naples, Florida, comes upon shifting scientific theories.
When a chauffeur (Chan) comes upon his rich millionaire boss's tux, he can't resist trying it on.
The journey begins when our heroine, Victoria Line, comes upon her great-great-grandfather A.
In Buddhism, death is regarded as the greatest transition and one's entire life is a preparation for it; life is a learning experience in its direction, and all small parts of it are just metaphors for the larger reality that comes upon all of us.
Someone taking a relaxing stroll on the beach comes upon a small, seemingly abandoned harbor seal pup.
Before too long, Ken, weakened by hunger and thirst, comes upon a specimen of humanity as unchanged as the climate - an 8-year-old prehistoric boy.
AS Chelsea comes upon us in little over a week's time it reminds me that I have seen many growers there humping into the huge tent massive rootballs and huge Rhododendrons in flower.