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If the police inquiry into his financial affairs comes to nothing then there may appear to be no obstacle to his return.
We choose between two ways: the way that God knows and watches and the way of the wicked that comes to nothing (vv.
48: Lays ball off to Gerrard, whose cross comes to nothing.
Even if it comes to nothing more than waking them up to the fact that there's a demand for earlier trains, then I'll have achieved something, '' he said.
The American Heritage dictionary defines financial bubble as a "speculative scheme that comes to nothing.
Which song is stuck in your head today Nothing Comes to Nothing - Babyshambles.
He immediately slowed it down for the brilliant one–two punch of Nothing Comes To Nothing and The Blinding, the former's wistful glow the perfect counterpoint for the latter's gritty edginess.
The search comes to nothing until Brock meets 101-year-old survivor Rose DeWitt Bukater (Gloria Stuart/Kate Winslet) who recalls her romance with spirited artist Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) aboard the eponymous luxury liner.
So, Cain probably shouldn't be too surprised this week when his plan to split the couple up by filling Jai in on his new girlfriend's dodgy past comes to nothing.
11 MINS: Bent is back defending in his own box to pick up one of the City attackers but Aleksandar Kolorov's free-kick comes to nothing.
However, if this comes to nothing and the firm's directors are left with having to turn the company around themselves, in the long term the share price could look very different.
I can't help feeling frustrated when I see clubs who have been taken over by billionaires doing so well (Villa, Man City, etc) but when we get someone who has an interest it comes to nothing.