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Drug slang noun Cocaine
verb To snort a drug, inhale cocaine, or smoke marijuana
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Fans of the show (or its 1953 movie adaptation staring Howard Keel and Kathryn Grayson) may recall that Fred and Lilli are a divorced and bickering former acting team that comes to blows, on- and off-stage, while staging a musical of ``Shrew.
But before they can, the truth is confirmed to a devastated Elaine who comes to blows with Babe.
CORONATION STREET (ITV1) Becky almost comes to blows with Tracy during a prison visit as the killer Barlow uses her daughter as a bargaining chip.
An exasperated Fiz comes to blows with Sally after misreading her relationship with John, and Sean insistence on involving lawyers in his quest for parental rights drives Violet and Jamie to look for their own place.
A council has been called on to intervene before a feud between residents and a van driver over their grass verges comes to blows.
KNUCKLING DOWN: Billy comes to blows with Alfie over Little Mo TASTE OF PORRIDGE: Kat is held in prison on mystery charges RETURN: Kat comes back