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Brief episodes of upper extremity burning, dysesthesias, and weakness experienced mainly by young male athletes engaged in contact sports (for example, football and wrestling); due to transient injury to the upper trunk of the brachial plexus caused by abrupt, forceful depression of the shoulder.
See also: burner syndrome.
Synonym(s): stingers
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During the detailed design stage, the size and arrangement of the combustion chamber and intake system will be determined.
Continued improvements to the fuel grain have resulted in more even regression and the use of silica phenolic insulation around the post fuel grain combustion chamber has allowed the burn times to be extended to over 12 seconds.
F, " Numerical Study of the Combustion Chamber Shape for Common Rail H.
This method uses a pressure variation device into the combustion chamber that is presented in fig.
VOC/HAP-laden air then enters the combustion chamber (typically at a temperature near that required for oxidation) where it is mixed for temperature uniformity.
To achieve a higher performance level, the propellant is burned at higher pressure, which reduces the size of the main combustion chamber.
Because of the small size of the combustion chamber the clinker should be removed daily.
Look through the observation port of the combustion chamber to see if there is any carbon build-up or smoke.
The candles were burned in a combustion chamber for 2-4 hours, and the fumes were captured in a trap containing nitric acid, which dissolved the lead aerosols.
The gas is delivered from a replaceable cartridge through a 2-stage fuel regulator up to an injection valve Pulling the trigger fires a piezo-electric charge up to a spark plug in a pre combustion chamber.
In addition, the phenomenon, also referred to as "pinging," causes combustion chamber temperatures to soar, with the risk of permanently damaging valves and pistons.
Each combustion chamber is equipped with several burners (4).