combining sites

combining sites,

1 concave features on antibody molecules that serve as locations for binding antigens. Because of possible variations in antibody amino acid sequences and molecule configurations, each kind of antibody can provide combining sites for a specific antigen.
2 locations on protein molecules where drugs or other substances may become bound by electrochemical attraction.
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f) additional assumptions: bottom bags reinforced cardboard 450 g / mA, tab top reinforced cardboard 900 g / mA paper combining sites should be firmly glued together;
Mr Harper said Kidde would spend pounds 4 million on rationalisation, including combining sites, over the next year.
7] different antibodies with different antigen combining sites (13).
Fab, the variable region of an immunoglobulin, containing the antigen combining site and idiotope.
Multispecific antibody, an antibody that combines, via its antigen combining site, with structurally different antigens.
During this period, 1985-87, the probing of the combining sites of antibodies and lectins continued under the guidance of his senior research associate, Dr.
All the binding reactions that we have examined involve the acceptance by the combining site [of the protein] of a cluster of hydroxyl groups presented by the oligosaccharide (the polar key).