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1. The act of combining (that is, by joining, uniting, or otherwise bringing into close association) separate entities.
2. The state of being so combined.
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1 is combinatorially equivalent to the convex hull of a positive D-lifting of A [union] {[a.
Thereby there are Smarandache multi-space solutions in the Einstein's gravitational equation, particularly, solutions of combinatorially Euclidean spaces.
The combinatorially entailed causal relationship between "accelerated heart rate" and "run away" is reciprocal in nature.
NARB = nonarbitrary; CR--constructed response; ME--mutually entailed; CE1 and CE2 = one- and two-node combinatorially entailed relations, respectively.
Therefore we are still far from being able to prove an exact counting statement such as Theorem 1 combinatorially.
The aim of this phase was to test whether combinatorially entailed relational responding in accordance with the relations of Same and Opposite emerged.
com), will describe the application of SMP's spray-based powder production process for the scale-up of complex, multi-component, combinatorially discovered compositions.
Response latencies were calculated to measure differences in responding to the combinatorially entailed Same relations that were the result of combining either Same (e.
We refer to [20] for an explicit formula of these numbers, which can be combinatorially defined in terms of standard tableaux of shape k x (n - k) as follows.
Also, during this step, MTS procedures were employed as participants were trained and tested on A B and B-C trigonometric relations, mutually entailed (B-A and C-B) relations, and combinatorially entailed (A-C and C-A) relations.
The ability to combinatorially integrate unrelated sequences will enable engeneOS to fuse distinct but synergistic functionalities into a single protein molecule.

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