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Describes any system using a random assortment of components at any positions in the linear arrangement of atoms; that is, a combinatorial library of mutations could contain positions where all four bases have been randomly inserted.
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Early on, Isis examined all the options for combinatorial organic synthesis and concluded that a radically different technological approach was needed to bring greater speed, breadth and diversity to our combinatorial drug discovery efforts," said David J.
The first question is whether there is a difference or not between the stand-alone bids on individual contracts in combinatorial auctions and the bids submitted in standard auctions.
m], a combinatorial Ch-differential manifold (M([n.
While the concepts of parallel material synthesis and evaluation have been described as far back as one hundred years ago for the development of filament materials for incandescent lamps by Thomas Edison, (8) the field of combinatorial chemistry took hold in the 1980s within the pharmaceutical industry.
NEW PATHWAYS Going beyond Chomp, Landsberg and Friedman conjecture that re-normalization methods can extract probabilistic information about winning any given combinatorial game, even when no simple formula or efficient algorithm appears to be available for computing winning positions.
Zhao, Combinatorial materials science: What's new since Edison?
The increasing complexity of combinatorial chemistry procedures and related measurements will boost opportunities for complementary software.
The application of combinatorial chemistry to agricultural research can speed laboratory research by several days and can aid scientists in determining optimum conditions before beginning large-scale processes.
Finally, they were asked to speculate on the differences that would result from the adoption of combinatorial methods.
In addition to their relevance to certain questions in the foundations of Set Theory (Ellentuck 1969), a leading application of combinatorial functions and operators has been to the branches of computability theory known as theory of recursive equivalence types (Myhill 1958) and isol theory (Nerode 1961; Dekker 1966); a fairly extensive survey of the latter area has been given in (McLaughlin 1982).
This acquisition is a key part of our strategy to build a dominant intellectual property estate and comprehensive drug discovery capabilities based on combinatorial biosynthesis," said Mario Thomas, PhD, president and chief executive officer of TerraGen.
The current popularity of combinatorial chemistry came about when the various component technologies of miniaturization, automation techniques and data processing power reached a point where they became useful at the same time that the pharmaceutical industry was experiencing enormous pressure to speed up the process of drug discovery.

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