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1. The act of combining (that is, by joining, uniting, or otherwise bringing into close association) separate entities.
2. The state of being so combined.
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Viread and Emtriva are available as once-daily Truvada([R]) (emtricitabine and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate), the most commonly prescribed backbone for HIV combination therapy.
In that study, the AIDS virus became undetectable for up to 300 days after the participants started taking a combination of the three drugs that included a protease inhibitor known as ritonavir.
Studies compared adherence rates for one single-pill (Caduet, amlodipine + atorvastatin) combination as well as four different two-pill combinations of similar agents in the general population and a senior (65+ years of age) population.
These data confirm the potential of ARQ 501 when used as combination therapy with chemotherapeutic agents," said Dr.
Rigorous clinical study of these agents in combination to evaluate their safety and efficacy is important for patients and warranted, and could produce an important new comprehensive cholesterol treatment tool for physicians.
The $4 million fund raise which was required by Covalent as a condition to closing in the original Combination Agreement is no longer a condition precedent to closing;
Li, senior vice president and chief scientific officer of ArQule, was lead author of the publication, entitled "A Phase Ib Trial of ARQ 501, an Activated Checkpoint Therapy(SM) (ACT) Agent, in Combination with Docetaxel in Patients with Advanced Solid Tumors" (ASCO Abstract ID: 13053).
Significant progress in science and medicine has been achieved since the advent of the first combination regimens 10 years ago, but more work is needed and we view this partnership to create the first-ever once-daily single tablet regimen for HIV as an important step toward further simplifying dosing of HIV therapy for physicians and patients.
Glaxo plans to file for the approval of 3TC in combination with zidovudine in the first half of 1995.
Part two covers the development of drug device combination products with such topics as preclinical testing and regulation of products.
Based on its strong demonstration of synergy in non-clinical studies to date, celgosivir shows great promise as part of a combination therapy approach to improving the success of treatment for patients suffering from chronic hepatitis C infections.