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There was among the ranks of the Disinherited Knight a champion in black armour, mounted on a black horse, large of size, tall, and to all appearance powerful and strong, like the rider by whom he was mounted, This knight, who bore on his shield no device of any kind, had hitherto evinced very little interest in the event of the fight, beating off with seeming case those combatants who attacked him, but neither pursuing his advantages, nor himself assailing any one.
The watch might come up and take all the combatants, wounded or not, royalists or cardinalists.
Upon this sudden mishap of their leader, his warriors seemed struck dumb with amazement; his supernatural death awed them, while it reanimated the courage and ardor of their adversaries, and, in a twinkling, the field was abandoned by half the combatants.
So intent had the squires, both combatants and spectators, been on the matter in hand, that all thought of the steep bank and swift still stream had gone from their minds.
Three pulls from eager arms, and the two combatants, dripping and pale, were dragged up the bank, and lay panting upon the grass.
My cosmopolite was sustaining the pride and reputation of the Earth when the waiters closed in on both combatants with their famous flying wedge formation and bore them outside, still resisting.
The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine proposes, instead of granting the combatant status to civilians, to double the wage for civilians performing functions in the ATO area.
It did not surprise us when he reiterated the statement that he gave to the UK news channel that he would not mind joining the IS as a combatant.
He said that the release of combatant prisoners would take place at a later stage.
You have two potential striking forces at your disposal: a world-class surface combatant of your own with a 99 percent probability of mission success ([P.
Historically, just war theory has labored under concepts such as combatant equality, non-combatant immunity, the principles of proportion and discrimination, etc.
Some forms of individual combatant focused support include, but are not limited to, promoting employment in existing enterprises, promoting micro and small business start-ups, the provision of micro-grants or credits, the use of training as a reintegration tool, provision of technical advice, monitoring and supervision, public sector job creation and education and scholarships (UNDP, 2005).