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col·or chart

(kŏl'ŏr chahrt)
An assembly of chromatic samples used in checking color vision.
Synonym(s): chromatic chart, colour chart.
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These included 2 American editions of the Munsell Soil Colour Charts (Munsell Colour Company 1975, 2000), with 2 different books for the 1975 edition, and 3 Japanese editions of the Revised Standard Soil Colour Charts (Fujihira Industry Company 1970, 1987, 2001).
COLOUR KEY: Black prestige cars like this Audi hold their values better because of the colour, which ousted silver from top spot in the colour charts
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of Munsell Colour Charts
Colour charts that can be accessed include British Standard, Pantone, and RAL colours.
In terms of choice, silver cars continue to be most popular among consumers, topping the colour charts for the second consecutive year after knocking blue off the top spot.
Puzzle no more with My Cuppa Tea, an ingenious new mug with a series of coloured strips inside, a bit like those colour charts you see in paint shops.
Fully updated for 2007 with 2006 figures as a comparison, 50 tables of figures and 14 full colour charts have been packed into this handy-sized reference book that nobody in livestock can afford to be without.
He also expresses surprise that colour charts are used to evaluate the colour of farmed fish: "I thought they were joking.
They're easily the favourites in the colour charts - with the rich, rusty terracotta close behind.
Also this Cruising Companion incorporates a valuable insight into the history of the Solent, the book is enhanced with colour charts and detailed photography, including many spectacular aerial shots.