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Of course, there are some occupations in which colour blindness is a distinct disadvantage, where recognising colour codes could be an important safety factor, such as when driving cars or flying aircraft, for example.
Colour blindness can be stationary or progressive in nature and can be linked to other eye conditions such as age related macular degeneration.
The most common form is red/green colour blindness, which involves the confusion of red and green.
I have been assured that colour blindness has never been documented in Amerindians, but this assertion seems anecdotal.
Colour blindness is the reduced ability to distinguish between certain colours.
As I may have told you before, my colour blindness is so bad that I had to stop playing the piano.
Symptoms of colour blindness in children as young as your son are difficult to diagnose.
An estimated 75 percent of India's 12 million blind people suffer from colour blindness because of the country's limited eye care infrastructure
Ophthalmic molecular geneticist, Professor William Hauswirth, said: "Although colour blindness is only moderately lifealtering, we've shown we can cure a cone disease in a primate, and that it can be done very safely.
I WONDER if Echo readers are aware that young men upon leaving school who wish to be apprentices are being passed by because of so-called colour blindness.
No, Birmingham is not suffering from a collective outbreak of colour blindness, nor even a complete breakdown in dress sense.