colorimetric titration

col·or·i·met·ric ti·tra·tion

a titration in which the end point is marked by a color change.
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Volumetric titration of Ca and colorimetric titration of P in SBF solutions have revealed a decrease in Ca and P concentration in SBF solution during the immersion period confirming that the materials have uptaken calcium and phosphate from the SBF solution to form the Ca-P layer (Figs.
Wood samples must be reflux extracted and the resultant solution analyzed by colorimetric titration using a spectrophotometer (AWPA A2-05, AWPA 2005a) or by potentiometric titration, or by other methods such as inductively coupled plasma emission spectroscopy (ICPAES) or ICP mass spectroscopy (AWPA 2000).
Colorimetric Titration by Diphenyl Picrylhydrazyl (DPPH)