color match

col·or match

(kŭl'ŏr match),
The result of adjusting color mixtures until all visually apparent differences are minimal.
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The handheld digital color-measuring device enables body shops to achieve the best possible color match quickly, reliably and efficiently.
Whether the cars require pearl or metallic paint jobs, ReveMoto's latest paint system will color match the auto body part to the rest of the vehicle, even taking into account the year the car was manufactured.
The most important thing to customers in this market is getting the best color match possible.
4 /PRNewswire/ -- With news of more company layoffs each week, Auto Color Match hopes to attract aspiring entrepreneurs to their successful franchise model.
Westlund Distributing announces its new Canplast Premium Edgebandhig catalog, which includes a color match guide The company says the quick reference guide covers PVC edgebanding color matches to 45 laminate manufacturers, giving easy access to more than 4,000 color matches.
Finding the most accurate color match is imperative in both commercial and military products for varying reasons.
The computer then tells us the best color match and stain formulation through a computer printout.
We were also impressed with the Spectra*Star Color Match software provided with the T8050," he continued.
And each year our customers tell us that the single most important thing we can provide to them is a good color match.
The system will then supply a number of alternative recipes, which can be ranked by cost, closeness of color match (Delta E), or metamerism.
Electronic In-store Paint Matching System, Paintmaker, provides paint merchandisers with three easy-to-use software products and hardware options: an electronic formula book; a color card matcher; and a comprehensive custom color match system.