color flow Doppler

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color flow Doppler

Angiodynography Imaging A diagnostic procedure that uses ultrasound to image arteries–which show as red and veins–blue, to identify vascular obstruction


1. a property of a surface or substance due to absorption of certain light rays and reflection of others within the range of wavelengths (roughly 370 to 760 nm) adequate to excite the retinal receptors.
2. radiant energy within the range of adequate chromatic stimuli of the retina, i.e. between the infrared and ultraviolet.
3. a sensory impression of one of the rainbow hues.

broken color
in decribing coat color, a solid color broken up by another color, usually white.
coat color
color dilution
reduction of the concentration of the color pigment in tissue; most important in hair and other fiber coats, in the skin and in the ocular iris.
color dilution alopecia
see color mutant alopecia.
color flow Doppler
color pigments
the pigments influencing skin color are melanin, melanoid, oxygenated hemoglobin, reduced hemoglobin, carotene.
color radical
color vision
the domestic animal species have limited color vision, the best perception being in bright light. Birds probably have the best, cattle and sheep the least, if any.
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Using Power Doppler Imaging, a component of color flow Doppler ultrasound, radiologists are able to identify patients at risk for stroke due to atherosclerosis.
Recent advances include helical scanning in CT, fast spin echo in MRI and color flow Doppler in ultrasound.
Color flow Doppler ultrasound helps assess the extent of blood flow to the ectopic mass.
The Ultramark 400C system is the first system in its price range that provides high performance features such as color flow Doppler, Color Power Angio(R) Imaging, dual color mode, triple mode simultaneous and automatic Doppler tracing.