color chart

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col·or chart

(kŏl'ŏr chahrt)
An assembly of chromatic samples used in checking color vision.
Synonym(s): chromatic chart, colour chart.
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The Glidden hot line (800-663-8589) will answer basic painting questions and will send you the free ``Painter's Companion Guide,'' a color chart of paint colors, pictures and decorating tips.
Each HydraTrend(TM) kit contains 50 test strips, complete instructions, a sample collection container, a color chart for reading results, quality control materials, and a card for recording results.
Highly recommended, it's packed with color charts, screens and examples throughout.
Armed with color charts and fliers, they detailed improvements in achievement test scores, declining dropout rates and the recent national Academic Decathlon championship by Taft High School.
Fujihira Industry Company (1970) 'Revised standard soil color charts.
This CD-ROM is fully text searchable and bookmarked by year of publication, and includes color charts and photographs.
Dense color charts and pictures were grainy at the best settings.
An accompanying slide presentation featured simple, but effective, color charts, graphs, and other visuals.
Based on this analysis, the system generates an extensive collection of reports in various detail and summary formats, including color charts.
This edition has been completely updated to include new photos, the latest information on anchorages and conditions represented in color charts, a newly designed planning chart, and coverage of both the U.
Color charts and images in a color layout support the text whose readership includes those in industry, academia, and research.
Black and white images and color charts are provided.