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Expanding the view of a standard colonoscope with the Third Eye Panoramic cap.
The study randomly assigned 197 patients for tandem colonoscopies using either the standard or the FUSE colonoscope first.
The 6-cm polyp was big even for the colonoscope snare used for adults, he said.
Disclosures: The VALID study received partial funding from Olympus America, the company that markets the dual-focus, high-definition colonoscope tested.
Another advantage of the procedure is that, when needed, other instruments can be passed through the colonoscope.
If an abnormality is seen, the doctor can use the colonoscope to remove a small piece of tissue for examination (biopsy).
Operating much like a 'rear-view mirror' on a colonoscope, our device has the potential to substantially reduce the incidence of colorectal cancer by increasing the detection of pre-cancerous adenomas," said Scott Dodson, President and CEO of Avantis Medical Systems.
The use of water to aid colonoscope insertion avoids colon elongation, minimizes angulations.
Little is known regarding the risk factors for these flat lesions, which may account for over one-half of all adenomas detected with a high-definition colonoscope.
They were tested for polyps by colonoscopy--a procedure for visually examining the full lining of the colon and rectum using a long, flexible, tubular instrument called a colonoscope.
Such examination is performed with the colonoscope, a lengthened version of the sigmoidoscope equipped to biopsy or completely remove any polyps that may be present-the precursors of colon cancer.
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