colocutaneous fistula

co·lo·cu·ta·ne·ous fis·tu·la

a fistulous passage connecting the colon and the skin.
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4] Untreated colonic perforation may lead to renal abscess, nephrocolic or colocutaneous fistula, peritonitis and sepsis.
2004 [4] All possible manifestations secondary to gallstone spillage: Infectious, abscesses -- Liver -- Subhepatic -- Retrohepatic -- Intra-abdominal -- abdominal wall -- Retroperitoneal -- Loin -- Pelvis Cutaneous -- Sinuses -- Granuloma formation -- Colocutaneous fistula Mechanical -- Instestinal obstruction -- Lodgement in distal hernia sacs -- Dyspareunia -- Tenesmus Migratory -- Chest empyema, cholelithoptysis -- Urinary tract excretion, hematuria Systemic -- Septicaemia Article Estimated complication rate Zehetner et al.
Major complications associated with PEG tubes include such serious issues as necrotising fasciitis, colocutaneous fistula, intraperitoneal bleeding, bowel perforation, septicaemia, buried bumper syndrome and aspiration pneumonia.
A colocutaneous fistula was suspected clinically, when over several days the discharge became faeculent.