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Regression Diagnostics: Identifying Influential Data and Sources of Collinearity.
2006) The Derived Importance of Attributes and the Problem of Collinearity.
TABLE 2 Collinearity Diagnostics for Country-Level Variables Model Effects [gamma] SE t-value Country-level predictors Consumption: higher-order goods 0.
Beam adjustment method based on collinearity condition equations is an important analytical method in close-range photogrammetry.
The Model 1 in Table 2 is screened further for collinearity issues and the normality of its residual distribution.
Their topics include mathematical coupling and regression to the mean in the relation between change and initial value, collinearity and multicollinearity, and finding growth trajectories in lifecourse research.
The collinearity between the combined laser outputs at the three wavelengths is better than 1 milliradian, which coupled with the excellent beam quality of all three lasers allows projection over long distances.
Coefficients Unstandardized Collinearity Coefficients Statistics B Std.
Variance inflation factor was calculated to measure the impact of collinearity among variables in the model.
Traditional techniques for precise geometric rectification of remote sensing images are the mapping polynomial method and the collinearity equations method.