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James S., English physician, 1870-1935. See: Collier tract, Collier sign, Collier tucked lid sign.
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A Houston-area accountant, Collier ran for comptroller under the banner of being a "watchdog" of taxpayer money.
Collier, a general practitioner, had worked at the Augusta Medical Clinic since 1981.
It is interesting and it's fun, and it puts me in several different environments," Collier said.
Collier would like to say the injury occurred when she was going up for a rebound or driving to the basket.
The Collier brothers then moved into the home rental business with Collier's Cleveland Properties.
Collier, a Harlem resident, has captured the movement, sounds and vibrantly-colored collage of the neighborhood, leading young readers into an adventure they'll want to embark upon over and over.
The Fords (1987) was more cursory and brisk, largely because that family, on closer inspection, did not prove to have the intensity and depth that had allowed Collier and Horowitz to weave the two earlier tales, tales that were almost out of Thomas Mann.
Collier Jennings was founded in 1974 and offers insurance and related insurance products to the retail market in the Aiken, South Carolina and Augusta, Georgia market area through its three subsidiaries: Collier-Jennings, Inc.
Coaches from across the country - including Notre Dame's John MacLeod - packed the gym to see Collier play.
My ears were trashed - but this year, earplugs galore,'' Collier said.
SAN ANTONIO -- Mark Collier Will Participate in a Panel Discussing Best Practices in Hiring and Managing Security Experts to Identify Weak Spots in Your Voice Network
The records were successful, both commercially and artistically, and Goodman was pressed to use the trio at his public performances,'' Collier writes, noting that in those Depression times, Goodman had fragile success and didn't need to risk it.