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Etymology: L, collegium, society
1 an institution of higher learning.
2 an organization of individuals with common professional training and interests, as the American College of Nurse-Midwives, the American College of Cardiology, or the American College of Surgeons.

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Q. Is there a program that can pay for my ADHD medicine while i'm in college? I need my medicine in order to concentrate while in college but, i can't afford it because it's expensive and my parents aren't going to help me with college at all. I need to know if there is a program that can pay for my insurance while i'm in college so i can graduate.

A. there are student loans. As soon as you decide which school you are going to get in touch with their financial aid office and ask for help. Also, apply for every scholarship possible - Get online and research and fill out applications like crazy. Good Luck.

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For example, while still at College he noticed in himself an awkwardness in French conversation, and contrived to master French till he spoke it as well as Russian, and then he took up chess and became an excellent player.
Miss Wilson gave her warning almost fiercely to quit the college next day.
She had signified, however, her intention of leaving her inheritance between Sir Pitt's second son and the family at the Rectory, and had once or twice paid the debts of Rawdon Crawley in his career at college and in the army.
They are: Community College, College of Science and Humanities, College of Applied Medical Sciences, College of Engineering, College of Business Administration, College of Medicine, College of Engineering & Computer Science, College of Dentistry, College of Pharmacology and College of Education in Alkharj; Community College and College of Science and Humanities in Aflaj; College of Arts and Science, College of Education, College of Applied Medical Sciences, and College of Engineering in Wadi Al-Dawasser; College of Education in Dalam, College of Business Administration and College of Education in Houtat Bani Tamim; and College of Science and Humanities in Sulail.
There are now 50 community college districts in Texas, with 74 campuses and four technical colleges with two extension centers.
I have been working on equalization for 19 years,'' college President Dianne Van Hook said.
Each year prospective college students and their parents pore over glossy brochures and phone-book-sized college guides in order to decide how to invest their hard-earned tuition money--not to mention four years of their lives.
As Kamenetz, Draut, and nearly everyone else agree, a college degree is the new high school diploma--the essential ticket to financial success in today's job market.
When the College Board established the AP program in 1955, its mission was to prepare high-achieving students for college.
On April 7, 1998, the College Hill Library opened its doors to the public for the first time.
As a California community college transfer service provider with several years experience, an increase in the number of transfer students who are unaware of changes to the California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) admission process and lower-division, major prerequisite requirements has become evident.