collar incision

col·lar in·ci·sion

a cervical incision, placed a few centimeters above the sternal notch, which is frequently used for thyroid or parathyroid procedures.
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12) The creation of a cervical fasciotomy and mediastinotomy via a low collar incision allows for effective mediastinal decompression.
In 1974, Stell and Cooney reported that they had reduced the fistula rate to 13% by adapting a surgical technique that involved a collar incision, closure of the pharyngeal defect in a straight line, a separate skin incision for the tracheostoma, and efficient suction drainage.
A collar incision was made initially to drain the cervical abscess and remove the necrotized tissues, then the patient was positioned for right sided video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS).
Alow collar incision was made along the previous thyroidectomy scar.