collaborative actions

col·lab·or·a·tive ac·tions

(kŏ-lab'ŏr-ă-tiv ak'shŭnz)
Interdependent actions performed by the members of the health care team.
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Themis Foundation and of sustainability through initiatives such as the Hotel Energy Solutions (HES) and the Collaborative Actions for Sustainable Tourism (COAST) project.
Success in tackling the allergy crisis in Europe will require partnerships between all interested stakeholders and collaborative actions at EU policy level.
Former senator Nisar Memon, who heads WEF Pakistan said "the Indus Forum will try to identify strategic opportunities for collaborative actions for ontheground results; as well as work with national governments in the area of water resources management and transboundary cooperation" Stressing on the link between climate change and poverty World Bank's Pakistan Country Director Rachid Ben Messaoud said that "tackling climate change lies at the heart of World Bank Group's strategic engagement and holds great relevance for our twin goals of ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity".
The Global Forum will be one of many ways in which FI2020 will engage a diverse group of actors who can advance the agenda, inspire investment in invisible markets, place client perspectives at the center of the discussion, and work in partnership across sectors, through coordinated and collaborative actions that will impact the lives of financially excluded individuals worldwide.
A protocol was signed, which suggests strengthening of collaborative actions of three countries in fight against drug trafficking, exchange of liaison officers and consideration of signing of the cooperation agreement between the State Drug Control Service of Kyrgyzstan and the Counternarcotics Ministry of Afghanistan.
In the pages that follow, you will see some of the ways in which the Naval War College contributes to maintaining and expanding the global maritime partnerships that ensure unfettered access to the world's oceans, and the collaborative actions that promote peace and stability within the community of nations.
This new arrangement will enable SAIC to optimize the global IT services provided to BP, underpinned and motivated by collaborative actions to achieve cost leadership in the industry.
Most have become fields for collaborative actions of varying time durations.
Junardy added, "With the presence of the AWS in this seminar, we hope all the multi-stakeholders, including public sector, private sector, NGOs, and academics, could understand the importance of having collaborative actions in order to address water issues in the world.
The Agriculture Minister said the Ministry will discuss co-funding of planned activities with donors and the World Bank, since the Ministry has many collaborative actions planned with those organizations.
This MOU represents SkillsUSA's commitment to continued dialogue and collaborative actions with the U.
As Chair of the Indonesia Water Mandate Working Group, Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP) is aiming to raise public awareness of the urgency of responsible water management and the importance of taking collaborative actions toward addressing national and international water issues.

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