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/cold·sore/ (kōld´sor) see herpes simplex.

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Q. Are cold sores contagious? My boyfriend has cold sores on his mouth. Can I catch it from him? If so, how can I prevent catching it?

A. Cold sores contain the HSV-1 virus, which is the herpes simplex virus . While your boyfriend has cold sores, he should wash his hands often, especially after touching his face. He shouldn't share cups and eating utensils with others since he is very contagious. You should not kiss him or touch the cold sores either, in order not to be infected.

Q. i just got over a cold sore using abreva is this best remedy to use? i didnt get a cold sore for while but i think problems lately have caused them to appear?

A. Yes, Abreva is a good choice for a cold sore. It usually helps with the itching and dryness. Next time, you should apply an acyclovir cream (Zovirax) straight from the beginning - when you get that itching or tingling even before the cold sore appears. It will make it go away faster.

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What could contribute to the increased severity of coldsores at this time of year is your change in diet.
People think of coldsores but there was no sign she had HSV.
She had her long hair cut off too and looked gaunt when she came home full of stress coldsores.
Not long after their return, she suffered an outbreak of coldsores.
ABIO-PROPOLIS is a scientifically-proven ointment that can quickly reduce the misery of coldsores and accelerate healing.
Q COULD you please give me some advice on burned lips and coldsores for when I go on holiday.
Coldsores tend to appear when the body's defence mechanisms are down, which can be caused by stress.
SPONTANEOUS mouth ulcers, possibly due to stress, are common but you could have oral herpes, especially if you habitually get coldsores.
A COMMON garden herb could hold the cure for embarrassing coldsores.
You know what it's like, you dress up when you feel nice and not one single person sees you, and then the one day that you have coldsores, you're in your tracky bottoms and you feel crap, someone runs up to you and wants a picture.