cold-induced urticaria

cold-in·duced ur·ti·ca·ri·a

(kōld'in-dūst ŭr'ti-kar'ē-ă)
Hives resulting from exposure to cold.
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I have been diagnosed with cold-induced Urticaria, a rare skin/allergy condition, for the past five plus years.
A:THIS sounds like cold-induced urticaria - where the skin releases fluid into tissue causing an allergic-type reaction.
But for many, winter's chilly temperatures mean another trigger for allergy symptoms and a condition that often goes undiagnosed -- cold-induced urticaria.
In cold-induced urticaria, the primary trigger for the hives is a rapid change in temperature, which is why winter, with its fluctuating temperatures, is the prime season for this condition.
When a person with cold-induced urticaria is exposed to a rapid change in temperature, their skin starts to itch, turn red and swell within minutes.
The AAAAI recommends seeing an allergist/immunologist if you suspect you have cold-induced urticaria.