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Polymerization without the use of external heat, as a result of the addition of an activator and a catalyst.


Polymerization reaction initiated chemically rather than by application of heat or light.
Synonym(s): cold-cure polymerization.

autopolymerization (ô´tōpol´imərizā´shən),

n (cold-curing), the accomplishment of polymerization by chemical means without external application of heat or light.
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Mengan, his married sister, condoling with her on the loss of her baby, and expressing vaguely the hope that they should see her again at Quallingham.
Mrs Varden expressed her sympathy for her daughter's distress by scolding her roundly for being so late; and the honest locksmith divided himself between condoling with and kissing Dolly, and shaking hands heartily with Joe, whom he could not sufficiently praise or thank.
The fat boy sauntered heavily behind them with the animal; and the old gentleman, condoling with his guests in homely phrase on so much of the day's adventures as they thought proper to communicate, led the way to the kitchen.