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1. Synonym(s): kola
2. [L.] strain (imperative form).


A plural of colon2.
A generic term for a carbonated beverage—commonly called ‘soda’ or ‘pop’—either artificially sweetened with saccharin or aspartame—average < 5 calories—or glucose, fructose—average 170 calories—purchased in cans or bottles or served from a tap
Adverse effects on health—peer-reviewed data: Carbonation is associated with dental erosion, osteoporosis, increased risk of fractures, and kidney stones; the sweeteners are linked to obesity and increased risk of type 2 diabetes


Commission on Office Laboratory Accreditation.


, kola (kō′lă) [W. African kola]
A genus of tropical trees that produce the kola nut. A kola nut extract is used in pharmaceutical preparations and as a main ingredient in some carbonated beverages.
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Keith, who founded the National Committee on Public Employee Pension Systems 15 years ago, says full COLAs on entire pension benefits are unnecessary, and he's right.
Thanks to compounded COLAS, the outlay resulting from this brief increase in the inflation rate will probably reach $3 billion by 2001-money that might otherwise have been spent providing balanced meals for 3.
The newest product to bear the trademark of the world's best-selling soft drink will have half the sugar, carbohydrates and calories of regular colas.
The space cola wars began in 1985 when NASA flew Pepsi and Coke aboard Challenger in what was described as an engineering evaluation of space beverage cans.
Our American cola products market acceptance and high profile is rapidly rising throughout China; we are riding an ascending wave of popularity with all age groups and demographics in China.
Free and open to the public, Coca- Cola Block & Tackle will take place in a climate-controlled, 30,000- square-foot tented area adjacent to The World of Coca-Cola, near Underground Atlanta.