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(kōk) Slang
tr.v. coked, coking, cokes
To affect or intoxicate with cocaine.
One of the most common street terms for cocaine, or, less commonly, crack cocaine

Patient discussion about coke

Q. what is the connection between gout and drinking cokes? There was an article in your magazine earlier this year about how drinking cokes could affect gout....can I get a copy of that artical?

A. Men who consume two or more sugary soft drinks a day have an 85% higher risk of gout compared with those who drink less than one a month.
This is because soft drinks contain large quantities of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), a common sweetener in soft drinks, which results in Hyperuricemia in blood.
Hyperuricemia, in turn predispose the body for gout.
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The paper brings evidences for the existence of a specific structure of each coke sort that provides optimum metallurgical performances.
Further researches should be done to achieve new facts that could improve the correlation between coke structure and its technological performances.
In the delayed coking process, the aim is an economical conversion of residual feedstocks, especially vacuum residues (short residues) to lighter, more value-added products and if possible, to produce a coke material of desired quality.
Delayed coking can also be used to produce needle coke, a specialty product, if appropriate feedstocks, design techniques and operating parameters are applied (Sarkar, 1998).
The teenagers, a group of about five or six, had been bottled up inside their compact car, but now they pour out with the fizzy energy of one of Lady J's Diet Cokes and walk purposefully inside the gas station.
Delores knows that Jasmine has a phobia about all food except Diet Coke, and that her husband has another phobia as well.
The Coke bottler is known for its constant market research and willingness to change the way its drinks are packaged and presented.
Carlos Salazar, head of the Coke bottling subsidiary, recently announced that his target was to cut the debt by $550 million this year, to $2.
This experiment shows formcoke to perform on par with conventional coke, giving cupola melters another fuel to consider as questions arise about future domestic coke supply.
The vast majority of coke used as the fuel for cupola furnaces is produced in slot ovens.
Met Coke 2012 will have more delegates, sponsors and exhibitors than ever before, proving that in difficult times, it is more important than ever that the coke, coal and steel industries stay current with global supply and demand trends and process efficiencies that will reduce the cost of doing business," said Andrew Smaha, conference director at Smithers Apex.
Both coke and ash contents in a molding sand must be controlled within specified limits.