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Pertaining to coitus.


Referring to coitus, see there.


Pertaining to coitus.


Sexual intercourse between a man and a woman by insertion of the penis into the vagina. Synonym: coition; copulation; sexual intercoursecoital (-tal), adjective

coitus interruptus

Coitus with withdrawal of the penis from the vagina before seminal emission occurs. This is not an effective method of contraception.

coitus reservatus

Coitus with intentional suppression of ejaculation.

coitus Saxonius

Coitus with manual pressure placed either on the urethra at the underside of the penis or in the perineum to block the emission of semen at ejaculation; also called the squeeze technique. It is used to prevent premature ejaculation.
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All three interventions resulted in large increase,; in the proportion of condom-protected coital acts from baseline to the three follow-ups.
Characteristics of couples and intercourse associated with semen exposure were assessed in a multivariate analysis of 1,149 female condom uses by 100 women for which both coital log data and PSA data were available.
Conclusiones: El debut coital temprano esta asociado con factores que pueden aumentar el riesgo de una persona joven de contraer el VIH, como las relaciones sexuales forzadas y el tener parejas de mayor edad.
They argue that arranged marriages between strangers and a tradition of 'carnal restraint' lowered coital frequency; and this along with prolonged breastfeeding lengthened birth intervals.
And fear of coital pain was a contributing factor in 64 women.
If de la Rocha is this generation's McLuhan, and the medium is the message, then this generation's message is excremental, oedipal, coital, and generally unpleasant.
Is it all for the camera, this coital edge of cool?
The dependent variable, sexual activity, was divided into coital and noncoital behaviors.
The Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry has identified a condition it calls recurrent coital amnesia where sudden and dramatic memory loss occurs after sexual intercourse.
Cadden underlines diversity and compromise as she shows how questions such as what factors determine the sex of the foetus, or what is the significance of coital pleasure, developed an understanding of female functions in ways that frequently qualified misogynism.
Reports of coital death have been recorded as far back as the 1500s (Trimble, 1970).
He further added, "Continued sexual activity decreases the incidence of erectile dysfunction in direct proportion to coital frequency.