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Pertaining to coitus.


Referring to coitus, see there.


Pertaining to coitus.


Sexual intercourse between a man and a woman by insertion of the penis into the vagina. Synonym: coition; copulation; sexual intercoursecoital (-tal), adjective

coitus interruptus

Coitus with withdrawal of the penis from the vagina before seminal emission occurs. This is not an effective method of contraception.

coitus reservatus

Coitus with intentional suppression of ejaculation.

coitus Saxonius

Coitus with manual pressure placed either on the urethra at the underside of the penis or in the perineum to block the emission of semen at ejaculation; also called the squeeze technique. It is used to prevent premature ejaculation.
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9% de estas personas usaron el preservativo durante la primera relacion sexual, (13) otro estudio desarrollado en el ano 2000, de igual manera con datos secundarios de la "National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health", donde se estudiaron 4018 adolescentes sexualmente activos, se encontro que el 62% de los sujetos estudiados usaron el condon en la primera relacion sexual (16); finalmente, un estudio se analizaron 11161 hombres y mujeres de diferentes grupos de edades, logro evidenciar que a medida que la poblacion es mas joven aumentaba el uso del preservativo en el primer acto coital, pasando de un 48.
Table 1 presents information on the demographic characteristic of the studied population by age at first coital activity (< 16 years or 16+ years old).
Another study (49) demonstrated mean peak coital HR at 127 bpm before a 16 wk bicycle ergometer-training, 12 to 15 wk following their first MI, and 120 bpm after training programme during coitus.
Al consolidar la frecuencia coital en dos categorias: coito al menos una vez por mes frente a relaciones mas espaciadas, se encuentra que entre los hombres de los semestres mas avanzados se incrementa de manera significante.
Se entiende por posicion coital "la relacion de los diferentes segmentos corporales durante la realizacion del coito" (Sanabria, Nunez y Rojas, 2001, p.
The relationship between HPV detection and a coital frequency of more than 30 times per month persisted in analyses limited to oncogenic strains of the virus (5.
Early coital debut, more than one lifetime sexual partner, and having an older partner were not found to be statistically significant predictors of condom use consistency.
And fear of coital pain was a contributing factor in 64 women.
If de la Rocha is this generation's McLuhan, and the medium is the message, then this generation's message is excremental, oedipal, coital, and generally unpleasant.
Is it all for the camera, this coital edge of cool?
The dependent variable, sexual activity, was divided into coital and noncoital behaviors.
Still other women might be thrilled if they could just stop worrying that Hubby was about to suffer a coital coronary.