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And if ever Chaloner was arrested, he quickly turned King's Evidence and shopped his assistants and fellow coiners.
looked at 10 Chicago Coiner schools and 9 non-Coiner inner-city control schools, selected randomly.
Coiner is a smart and feisty dancer who marries acute observations about youth culture with idiosyncratic gestures that have genuine resonance.
The extra steps it takes to meter out and mix in the proper concentrations of PAM "can be a bit of pain," Coiner notes.
This concept holds true in the financial planning world, because those who take shortcuts or manipulate the system often fail," says Coiner.
Two exceptions to the rule of having policy makers from the developing world are the contributions of Lawrence Summers, former US Secretary of the Treasury, and American economist John Williamson, the coiner of the term "Washington Consensus," which provide their analysis of global developments.
Lawson cleared a late shot against San Diego's Ryan Coiner in a 3-1 victory Sunday.
On December 22nd of last year, semi-retired tire store operator David Coiner of Hickory Grove, South Carolina, started out in his all-terrain vehicle to hunt deer as he often does on weekend afternoons.
With the dot-coin bust, whether a company will be able to deliver or may go under has become a serious concern," says Joe Weller, managing director of NextLevel Venture Partners, a VC firm in Tysons Coiner, Va.
Jim Coiner (Kevin Lewis) just gets the better of Royal Orbit (Bill Watts/John Lowe) in the mile-and-a-half handicap, but Last Tango (Brian Rouse) has an appalling run before going down to My Eagle (Monty Stevens/ Mark Simmonite) in the sprint handicap.
Of course, a number of the contributors, such as Cary Nelson, Paula Rabinowitz, and the late Constance Coiner, have already published valuable book-length studies of the subjects they discuss, but Radical Revisions remains remarkable for the quality and range of the discussions (although the subtitle is something of a misnomer, since only four of the thirteen essays in the collection deal in any depth with cultural forms other than literature).
They chart how Catholic right and Protestant right are "two distinct renders them indistinguishable," beginning with Catholic Paul Weyrich, the new right strategist, founder of both the Free Congress Foundation and the heritage Foundation, and coiner of the phrase, "the moral majority.