A sliding movement of the tips of the thumb and index finger, occurring in paralysis agitans.
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Today nearly 19,000 big green coin-counting kiosks can be found in grocery stores, drugstores and other high-traffic locations across the United States and abroad.
Don't overlook self-service coin-counting machines, says a new study from TowerGroup, Needham, Mass.
But this year they have had some help thanks to a new bank coin-counting machine.
The control technology built into the dryers offers multiple, user-friendly features, including: start capabilities, hidden keys for adjusting drying and cooling times, temperature and minute-per-coin settings, displays for drying and cooling times, LED indicators that show when the unit is drying or cooling and a coin-counting mechanism that ensures accurate collection records.
The Coinstar machine was one of the first self-service kiosks to come on board in 1992, when the first coin-counting machines were installed in four San Francisco Bay area supermarkets.
Coincidentally, the bank was in the process of acquiring one of those new-fangled self-service coin-counting machines.
The Coinstar network consists of self-service coin-counting machines in supermarkets across the country.
The Echo has teamed up with coin-counting service Coinstar and supermarket giants Asda and Sainsbury's to give you the chance to stock up your larder for the summer - for FREE