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To date, the US market continues to be the most receptive, with some of the world's biggest pipe manufacturers realising the substantial benefits in both cost and performance that off-line coiling technology offers.
Most types of clay are suitable for coiling and, unlike throwing, it is possible to use bodies that are highly textured or grogged.
At the University of Illinois at Chicago, we have found coiling with HydroCoils (Microvention) decreased by one-third both the recurrence rate (from 26% to 17%) and retreatment rate (from 15% to 10%), compared with BPCs in a series of size- and shape-matched aneurysms.
Coiling of wide-necked pseudoaneurysms places the patient at risk for coil herniation into the parent vessel.
The Penumbra Coil 400 is the first major advance to significantly affect endovascular coiling technology since the original platinum detachable coil," said Nobuyuki Sakai, MD, DMSc, Director, Neurosurgery and Stroke Center at Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital.
QA samples can be taken at the extrusion line or automatically collated at the coiling machine.
The coiling process introduces a measure of ovality and curvature into the pipe.
While based on a small study group, initial results are important as recanalization is an ongoing issue with endovascular coiling.
This ratio is bound to change as coiling becomes more established and the technique more adopted.
Entry into the Japanese coiling market represents a significant revenue opportunity for Micrus," said John Kilcoyne, Micrus Endovascular president and CEO.