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n the capability to cohere or stick together to form a mass.
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and a member of NLC's Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Steering Committee, joined with other members of the Wildland Fire Leadership Council last week to update staff members from the House and Senate Interior Appropriations Subcommittees and the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources on the council's efforts to draft a cohesive wildfire management strategy.
A thorough consultation with an experienced surgeon is the best way to determine if a patient is a good match for highly cohesive breast implants.
The results proved not only the original premise, but also that participants viewed cohesive groups as having particularly high group mind.
It won the Housing Corporation's gold award for excellence in building cohesive communities, which was set up to identify and share good practice of housing associations nationally and to help support improvements to the services provided to residents and tenants.
He will ensure the offices of the Deputy Under Secretary for Acquisition and Technology; Director, Acquisition Resources and Analysis; and Director, Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy are aligned into a cohesive effort.
The Stable Rating Outlook is based on management's ability to quickly respond to adverse financial performance with clear decision making and the overall strength of the cohesive system.
Sientra, the first of the three major manufacturers of breast implants to receive FDA approval for their cohesive shaped implants in 2012, has taken the highly principled position to only sell to board certified Plastic Surgeons because they understand that results of a breast augmentation procedure is dependent on the surgeon using the implants.
Hesp and Rubin suggest that if the giant linear dunes found on the surface of Titan are also formed from cohesive sediment, then they too could be formed by single-direction winds.
And that is fine--we do not want to spend millions replacing older systems when they and the BEA can be adapted to integrate into a cohesive DoD network.
The K-Tron Shear Hopper is said to prevent bridging of cohesive materials.
Many of these have been so-called cohesive lahars, which form avalanches that consist primarily of ancient volcanic rocks weakened by exposure to the elements.
A unified, countywide budgeting presentation is more cohesive, more understandable and more salable to county and state funding sources.