cognitive domain

cognitive domain,

n area of study that deals with the processes and measurable results of study, as well as the practical ability to apply intelligence.
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Pakistan is under attack in the cognitive domain through the use of psychological warfare techniques.
Benjamin Samuel Bloom further broke down the cognitive domain into six or so levels of increasing sophistication of the thinking required of a student.
However, ITP is conducted mainly in the form of lectures, whereas in our study, we have included affective as well as psychomotor domain with cognitive domain.
Non-amnestic MCI single domain, if any other cognitive domain aside from memory is the only one affected.
Episodic memory, a cognitive domain that was affected in all of our participants who progressed to dementia, relies on frontal-hippocampal circuits that are also central for gait control.
6) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Short Answer Questions (SAQ), Modified Essay Questions (MEQ) and Large Answer Questions (LAQ) are the commonly used tools for assessing cognitive domain of undergraduate medical students.
In the cognitive domain, we educate the employee's minds on the facets of safety and security.
1] previously investigated this in a group of patients suffering from either mild cognitive impairment or dementia and found that "executive functioning" was the cognitive domain that best explained dementia-related alterations in pain responsiveness.
For PD-MCI subtyping, to differentiate PD-MCI as single or multiple domains, at least two neuropsychological tests in each cognitive domain should be conducted.
For example, Donovan and colleagues (2005) recruited BCS before treatment for a cross-sectional comparison at 6 months after treatment; they found no change on global NP performance or in any individual cognitive domain.
Knowing measured the student's achievement in science with regards to the cognitive domain 'Knowing'.
It is precisely some portions of such a domain--say, the cognitive domain 'meals'--that, as Dirven and Verspoor claim, are "named" by expressions such as, lunch, breakfast and brunch.

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