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oer·sted (Oe),

A unit of magnetic field intensity; the magnetic field intensity that exerts a force of 1 dyne on a unit magnetic pole; equal to (1000/4π) A m-1.
[Hans-Christian Oersted, Danish physicist, 1777-1851]


A unit of magnetic field intensity; the magnetic field intensity that exerts a force of 1 dyne on unit magnetic pole; equal to (1000/4π) A·m-1.
[Hans-Christian Oersted, Danish physicist, 1777-1851]


[Hans Christian Oersted, Danish physicist, 1777–1851]
A unit of magnetic field intensity. An oersted is the magnetism that exerts a force of one dyne on a unit magnetic pole. This term has largely been replaced by the SI unit amperes per meter.
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All the studied composite samples - based on uncoated, MTMS-, APTMS- and GPTMS-coated nanoparticles -showed coercivity values in the range of 112-119 kA/m, thus very close to the value for the nanoparticles with the thickest coatings (GPTMS: 110 [+ or -] 1 kA/m).
A fundamental challenge researchers are facing is that high media coercivity is normally associated with an increased difficulty in writing.
In Kallasto, two remanente components were identified: an intermediate coercivity component KO1 pointing towards SW with positive inclination (D = 217.
Observed shift in room-temperature coercivity before and after the heat-treatment at elevated temperature is in consensus with recent studies.
NanoCAP particles are produced through advanced miniaturization to create ultra-fine spherical-shaped particles with excellent coercivity and saturation magnetization for advanced magnetic recording performance.
Therefore, it is necessary to measure the actual magnetic properties of samples as deposited in order to correlate useful properties (magnetoresistance, intrinsic coercivity, anisotropy) with magnetic moments.
Maxell's NanoCAP (Nano Composite Advanced Particles) technology provides extraordinary magnetic performance when compared with conventional needle- shaped particles, with superior coercivity and extremely high saturation magnetization.
5[micro]m or more) compared to these dimensions combined with moderate magnetic coercivity which yields broad written transitions due to the generation of transitions curving into the depth of the magnetic coating and the demagnetizing effect of sizeable opposing magnetic regions.
This latter intercomparison will be limited to NdFeB, because, in this configuration, the high remanence and low coercivity of AlNiCo8 make it difficult to correct for demagnetizing effects.
DVCPRO HD videocassettes have a compact cassette shell for greater mobility, and exhibit coercivity of 2350 Oe and retentivity of 3800 BR.
To enable increased bit and track densities, media manufacturers, including Imation, have used increasing coercivity and smaller size metal particulate (MP) pigment particles for every successive generation of tape products.
The coercivity does not change with the filler content, and the saturation magnetization increases linearly with the filler content.