coefficient of variation

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co·ef·fi·cient of var·i·a·tion (CV),

the ratio of the standard deviation to the mean.

coefficient of variation

Lab medicine The standard deviation divided by the mean, expressed as a percentage, used to evaluate and compare methodologies and instruments. See Mean, Standard deviation.

co·ef·fi·cient of var·i·a·tion

(CV) (kō'ĕ-fish'ĕnt var'ē-ā'shŭn)
A unitless number used to describe dispersion of data. It allows comparison of standard deviations of test results expressed in different units. It is calculated from the standard deviation (s) and mean (x). CV = 100s÷x.

coefficient of variation

Analytical variability expressed as the standard deviation's percentage of the mean. This mode of expressing the analytical variability enables one to determine if the variability proportion changes with the actual value. It is typically a useful tool when there is a relatively large dynamic range for the quantity being measured. It is subject to misinterpretation if applied to numbers that have already been mathematically manipulated, such as logarithms.
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Caption: Figure 8b--ultrasonic amplitude In A and coefficient of variation CV of the extruded rubber compound versus time at a throughput of 500 kg/hour for the Shark 150 at a pressure PI = 60 bar
It can be seen that, with the increase of the coefficient of variation of the permissible limit of settlement, reliability index gradually decreases, which is consistent with the law given by (9).
For international comparison, the squared coefficient of variation for per capita local expenditures in Russia is three times higher than in China (Tsui, 2005) and 10 times higher than in the United States (Martinez-Vazquez and Timofeev, 2010).
In the present study the CV as a within-subject coefficient of variation was determined on the individual average, relativized to the individual standard deviation.
In an evaluation of 15 eucalyptus clones that were between 5 and 6 years old, the modulus of elasticity obtained in the static bending of the specimens showed a coefficient of variation of 14 percent (Trugilho et al.
Table 1: Coefficient of Variation in Six Mandals of Warangal District of Andhra Pradesh Mandals Years Percentage Coefficient of deviation Variation Bachannapeta 1990-2008 -18.
The inverse relationship between the team's salary coefficient of variation and the likelihood of postseason play suggests that supersized young superstar contracts may not only anger veterans on a team, but also adversely affect overall team performance, thereby hurting the team's chances of making the playoffs.
Sen (1974) divided inequality into two broad classes described as objective, or purely statistical measures of dispersion, such as Variance, the Coefficient of Variation, the Lorenz Curve and the Gini-Coefficient.
a comparison of the minimum and maximum values, the coefficient of variation, the Herfindahl and Gini index) or (ii) a multi-criteria comparison of a chosen indicator (e.
Each monograph has information on its names, category, molecular formula and weight, appearance, solubilities, and other chemistry, and methods, including the analytical system components, major operating parameters, standard solution and sample preparations, correlation coefficient and linearity, coefficient of variation of the assay, limit of detection and quantification, and interference.

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