coefficient of thermal expansion

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coefficient of thermal expansion

The change in the dimensions of a material when its temperature is raised 1°C. In dentistry, if the relative expansion and contraction of restorative materials, casts, or appliances are not accounted for, the patient may have problems with improper fitting, microleakage, or adhesive debonding.
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coefficient of thermal expansion,

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NuPro's strength, low coefficient of expansion, and resistance to Ultra Violet Ray deterioration proved significant in this application.
Silicon--increases the fluidity of molten aluminum, decreases hot cracking tendency and solidification shrinkage, improves pressure tightness and reduces the coefficient of expansion.
A bimetallic clampless heater band that simplifies installation and removal is made from a highly conductive inner sleeve and an outer shell with a much lower coefficient of expansion.
Magnesium has a high coefficient of expansion and there were wide temperature swings in the shop," explains Cross.
The DE-150 package utilizes a direct copper bonded aluminum nitride substrate, which has a closely matched thermal coefficient of expansion to that of the GaAs diode, resulting in improved reliability and power cycling performance.
Having the package substrate match the end user's motherboard in thermal coefficient of expansion provides for enhanced board level reliability and allows packages up to 45-mm on edge for a standard eutectic ball grid array.

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