coding sequence

cod·ing se·quence

the portion of DNA that codes for transcription of messenger RNA.
See also: exon.

cod·ing se·quence

(kōd'ing sē'kwĕns)
The portion of DNA that codes for transcription of messenger RNA.
See: exon

coding sequence (CDS)

a genome sequence bounded by a start and stop codon that encodes the AMINO ACIDS of a protein.
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The coding sequence region of CK-M gene was sequenced for comparison analysis with other species.
They then moved on to simulating the operation of a vending machine which taught them about coding sequence, selection and looping.
In that case, the time period between 'writing' the information -- the synthesis of the corresponding coding sequence of the DNA -- and the reading, or sequencing, of the data was very short.
The test utilizes next generation sequencing ("NGS") to analyze variants in the coding sequence of 315 genes and uses conventional Fluorescent in Situ Hybridization ("FISH") methods to identify large deletions, amplifications and translocations in 9 different chromosomal loci.
Promoter: A DNA segment located at the start of a gene's coding sequence that provides a binding site for the enzymes that initiate the first step in the process of gene expression (i.
This paper considers the complete coding sequence of beta-Globin genes from 7 different species, which are relatively conservative and were studied in the literature [Guohua et al.
Pharmaceutical compositions which comprise a therapeutically effective amount of Ang-2 protein and/or a vector comprising a nucleic acid molecule that comprises the nucleotide coding sequence of Ang-2 and methods of using such compositions to treat individuals suspected of having cancer are disclosed.
Screening of BRCA1 and BRCA2 is arduous because of the complex mutational spectrum and the large size of the genes for which the complete coding sequence needs to be analyzed for an increasing number of patients.
Bacteriocin-producing strains of interest were subjected to a SYBR green-based real-time PCR array using sets of primers made from the coding sequence for all known LAB bacteriocin structural genes and sequenced at the researchers' university facility.
002% of the genome coding sequence to recognize, researchers in a range of medical specialties explore how pathogen molecules are converted to molecules that are targets for cell-mediated immunity, the binding of processed peptides to major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules, and the role of the pathogen itself in modifying the immune response by interfering with antigen processing and the downstream immune responses.
Although these mutations are distributed throughout the coding sequence, having been identified in 19 of the 21 exons, the spectrum of mutations appears to show geographic differences.
In an analysis of DNA samples from 90 patients with psychiatric illnesses and 80 healthy control subjects, the authors found that 2 of the 30 people with OCD had a substitution of valine for isoleucine (Val425 for Ile425; I425V mutation) in the coding sequence of the human serotonin gene.