code of ethics

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code of ethics

a statement encompassing the set of rules based on values and the standards of conduct to which practitioners of a profession are expected to conform. See also Code for Nurses, Hippocratic Oath.
A formalised standard of professional conduct

code of ethics

A summary (sometimes in written form) of a profession's values and standards of conduct.
See also: code


1. a set of rules governing one's conduct. Called also ethical code.
2. a system by which information can be communicated.
3. a set of alphabetical or numerical markers which are an index to a much larger bank of information.

code of ethics
see code of ethics.
genetic code
the arrangement of nucleotides in the polynucleotide chain of a chromosome that governs the transmission of genetic information to proteins, i.e. determines the sequence of amino acids in the polypeptide chain making up each protein synthesized by the cell. See also genetic code.
code of practice/conduct
a document produced by an authoritative body to provide a guide to people in their conduct relative to, for example, animal welfare, or their practice, for example, in the housing and feeding of pigs. It is the sort of document that is used when testing in a practical situation rules which are planned to be included in subsequent legislation.


rules or principles which govern right conduct. Each practitioner, upon entering a profession, is invested with the responsibility to adhere to the standards of ethical practice and conduct set by the profession.

code of ethics
the written rules of ethics.
veterinary ethics
the values and guidelines governing decisions in veterinary practice.
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California, Florida, Nevada, and many other states require licenses for individual security officers but do not offer a code of ethics to be observed after a license is conferred.
The Code of Ethics clearly defines the expectations of standards and behaviour for everyone in policing and brings policing into line with other trusted professions that have such codes, like those in medicine and law.
A code of ethics might be general in nature and not answer specific questions.
Whether your boss is a general or CEO, what do you do when asked to do something counter to a code of ethics you have sworn to uphold?
Additionally, the hasty establishment of an ECC, with the sole purpose of enforcing or arbitrating the newly revised Code of Ethics, would not give the most inexperienced generation of our newest teachers/MTNA members sufficient time to learn and then implement it into their own individual music studios' specialized artistic and business needs.
Every organization's operational code of ethics reflects a conscious or subconscious choice of where to stand on the continuum between ethical, legal, unethical and illegal actions.
Communicate and enforce your organization's code of ethics at all levels of the organization.
Three years after the Los Angeles Unified School District committed to creating an ethics program, only nine lobbyists have registered and district employees have yet to receive their copy of the code of ethics.
The AICPA supported expanding the requirements in the Act from requiting only that the principal executive officers have a code of ethics to requiting that companies adopt and disclose a code of ethics for all corporate directors and employees, and that companies promptly disclose any non-de minimis waivers of the code.
The Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the American Counseling Association (ACA, 1995) and the Ethical Standards for School Counselors of the American School Counselor Association (ASCA, 1998) are two resources available to help school counselors manage privacy and confidentiality in their counseling relationships.
According to Hoffman, the chances of an international plan succeeding are better if the company asks its foreign employees what they would like to see in a code of ethics.

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