code linkage

code link·age

(kōd lingk'ăj)
In health care accounting, verification that the diagnosis code and procedure code match up to support medical necessity for therapy.
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The output of the CAC work flow is coded records, including the CPT and ICD-9 coding and other information needed to file a complete claim, such as modifiers, units, code linkage, patient demographics and payer demographics.
In the absence of code linkage, the CHADx algorithm was programmed to locate the first 'Y' code which follows a 'T' or 'End of Chapter' (Jackson et al.
The scenario is represented by the codes below and, without explicit code linkage, must give rise to double counting, if all septicaemia is to be captured.
It is unlikely that code linkage would overcome this hurdle in the future.
Changes to methods for code linkage to identify an 'event,' would improve the classification.
Eponyms can be added to diagnosis or procedure lists; code linkages can be added, deleted, or changed; "hot keys" sequences can be changed; and local HCPCS codes can be added, to cite just a few.