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Medspeak A popular term for a physician or scientist whose major source of income derives from his/her role as an expert witness in medical malpractice, and his or her willingness to agree with whomever is paying for the expertise
Vox populi A sex worker
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Il va mettre des annees pour decouvrir que cette femme n'est effectivement pas son << genre >>, comme il le savait bien, et aussi qu'Odette de Crecy est une cocotte.
O estranho esta presente em todos os elementos pelo excesso, na caracterizacao da personagem: prostituta, porem superior, conforme o texto afirma: "nobre e cocotte, flexivel de corpo e de espirito, amoral e heroica" (PATRICIO, 1979: 83-84); alem disso, tem ainda duas facetas, uma luminosa, outra sombria: uma figura boa, pura, nobre como uma deusa, por um lado e, por outro, a meretriz, a sedutora, a bruxa.
The shameless cocotte Venus, wheedling her husband Vulcan for armour for Aeneas, her son by Anchises, disrobes aided by a passing amoretto and Vulcan himself in Vulcan and Venus (1754).
It stretches the concept of a seascape to open a show of marines with a painting that proclaims the pleasures of French cuisine--but the wit of placing it there brings out the wit of the painting itself, and is a tribute to Manet himself, who might have submitted it to a show of marines with the same impishness in which he replaced a goddess with a cocotte and sardonically called her Olympia.
He accepted his present position in 2000, when he was offered the opportunity to undertake all culinary aspects of the Park Hyatt Chicago and preside over NoMI, whose kitchen, incidentally, employs Staub cocotte ovens, a La Cornue range and a rotisserie to implement sous vide cooking.
The round cocotte casserole dish starts at pounds 45 while the Gourmand fondue set costs pounds 60.
He holds shares in the expensive courtesan Diana de Lorge 'meramente por civismo, para dotar a cidade com uma cocotte monumental' but significantly neither knows nor cares what colour her skin is 'dos ombros para baixo' (p.
Moreover, by challenging the popularity of the French cocotte, these Jewesses illustrated how perspectives of cultural identity can be changed by economic situations.
While the distinction between the respectable and the unrespectable remained rigid in some spheres (a cocotte would never be invited into a respectable private home, for example), the courtesan took on a central function in the perpetuation of bourgeois ideology.
It does, however, have an entry for the plural oeufs en cocotte with a mistaken pronunciation, while R.
A moat on one side is presided over by a majestic swan named Cocotte.
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