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(1) Agrimony, see there; Agrimonia eupatoria.
(2) Burdock, see there; Arctium lappa.


Herbal agent made from Arctium lappa or A. minus; produced in several forms (e.g., cream, tonic, liquid); used against a huge range of disorders (e.g., arthritis, pain syndromes, rash); has been involved in poisoning; safety and efficacy not established.
Synonym(s): beggar's buttons, cocklebur (2) , wild gobo.


A perennial herb (Agrimonia eupatoria, A. herba) used in desiccated form in tablets and infusions, as well as topically (wound healing, astringent).
Synonym(s): cocklebur (1) , sticklewort.
[L. agrimonia, fr. G. argemōnē]
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HE: rough cocklebur control competence, WUn: the weight of the dried rough cocklebur in the unsprayed paddy, [W.
Knot grass and common cat-tail were not found in excavated depressions and cocklebur was rarely encountered in the excavated depressions (Williams & Hudak 2005).
Moreover, the voice creates an illusion of earthiness by incorporating colloquialisms and poor grammar into its monologue when Roger flies in the first race, declaring that if "we were all back on the farm now I would say somebody has put a cocklebur under Roger's--well, you know where: maybe it was Mrs Shumann did it .
the threads as if searching for something, perhaps an entangled cocklebur of water, or the seed of a lake.
LEAF DYNAMICS Peak, Mott, and their collaborators compared the movements of patches of synchronized pores in cocklebur leaves to those of patches of black and white cells in the automata that Mitchell's team studied.
Both exogenous salicylic acid and the salicylic acid fraction of brown ambrosia aphid (Dactynotus ambrosiae) honeydew that had been feeding on cocklebur, Xanthium strumarium L.
Exogenous glutathione counteracted the effects of MSMA on the growth of susceptible cocklebur seedlings, callus, shoots and leaf discs.
When I think of the North Star, I think of how well new NorthStar corn herbicide works in the northern corn belt on lambsquarters, velvetleaf, waterhemp, cocklebur .
Aspects of the physiology, development, and flowering of the cocklebur, Xanthium strumarium, have been extensively investigated (Maksymowych, 1990).
For the White House staff, the press is a problem to be managed, like a cocklebur that attaches to your pants leg.
Soaking cocklebur mats with mineral oil may facilitate their removal; however, often the mat must be cut with scissors.
Among the offenders: English plantain, lamb's-quarter and cocklebur.