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Lesions affecting the cochlear nerve or cochlear nuclei in the medulla will produce ipsilateral SNHL (Figure 15).
The facial and cochlear nerves also traverse the IAC.
Hearing preservation in acoustic neuroma surgery: Importance of adhesion between the cochlear nerve and the tumor.
8) Vestibulocochlear schwannomas usually originate in the vestibular nerve, but in some cases they arise from the cochlear nerve, as did the lesion in our patient.
Management choices for tumors located in the cochlear nerve and internal auditory canal depend on several factors, including the age and medical status of the patient and the hearing levels in the involved and uninvolved ears.
In addition, the RS approach provides a unique opportunity for real-time intraoperative monitoring by direct recording of cochlear nerve action potentials, [sup][37],[38],[39],[40] which could prove useful in attempts at hearing preservation.
Hearing restoration with auditory brainstem implant in three children with cochlear nerve aplasia.
Auditory brainstem implant in posttraumatic cochlear nerve avulsion.
Cochlear processes reflected in responses of the cochlear nerve.
Grayson was born without cochlear nerves, the "bridge" that carries auditory information from the inner ear to the brain.
These pertain to intraoperative monitoring of the facial and cochlear nerves, and consideration of implications for surgery and follow-up introduced by new devices such as cochlear and brainstem implants that allow deaf patients to regain hearing.
4) Engagement of trigeminal nerves (manifesting as sensory deficit and neuralgia) and auditory and cochlear nerves (manifesting as vertigo) is far less common, obscuring the diagnosis of sarcoidosis.