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pain in the coccyx and neighboring region. Called also coccyalgia and coccydynia.


Pain in the coccygeal region.
[coccyx + G. ōdyne, pain]


Pain in the coccygeal region.
Synonym(s): coccyalgia, coccydynia, coccyodynia.
[coccyx + G. odynē, pain]


Persistent pain in the tail region of the spine, usually following a fracture of the small bones of the coccyx from a fall or a kick.


Also called coccygodynia. Pain in or around the coccyx.
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Coccydynia can be relieved with a painkiller or nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug.
for persistent coccydynia, a steroid injection may be recommended to calm down the painful inflammation.
PAIN HAS assumed a totally new dimension for 24-year-old PR professional, Sakshi Arora since coccydynia hit her four years ago.
But when it got severe and ointment applications didn't help, she visited an orthopaedician who told her that the cause of the pain was inflammation of her tailbone, a condition known as coccydynia.
I had never heard of coccydynia before, so was taken aback.
Coccydynia refers to pain at the tip of the spine, called coccyx or tailbone.
This is called acute coccydynia and those with this problem need more time to recover.
Nine out of the ten people who come to me with coccydynia are women," says Dr Ankur Nanda, consultant spine surgeon, Indian Spinal Injuries Centre.
We have seen cases of coccydynia among women post childbirth as well.
Coccydynia normally develops after a fall but sometimes there is no history of injury.