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We found 15 samples out of 470, positive for coccidian parasites through microscopy.
2004) Argentina coccidian parasite * 2004: Partido de la Heavy metal Thompson and Sanchez Costa, Argentina contamination * de Bock (2007) 2011: Praia do Rickettsia Carvalho et al.
This coccidian has been found in 18 other species of New World marmotine rodents and has been recorded from Arizona, 11 other states, and from locations in Mexico and Canada (Wilber et al.
5gm/dl, mean packed cell volume with 19% indicating anaemic status along with presence of coccidian oocysts in fecal sample.
Effect of pine bark (Pinusradiata) extracts on sporulation of coccidian oocysts.
Results of the study demonstrated equipotent efficacy of pure berberine in comparison to that of standard drug amprolium on the basis of reduction in coccidian oocyst output, body weight gain of chicken and feed conversion ratio.
and Cystoisospora belli are intracellular, extracytoplasmic coccidian parasites of the intestinal tract and have been recognized as a pathogen in humans since 20th century [1].
Among GI tract protozoa, coccidian are of unquestionable significance.
Cyclospora, a coccidian parasite, can cause prolonged and relapsing watery diarrhea, which, if untreated, can last several weeks to months (1).
The prevalence of coccidian parasites in and around Tirunelveli in HIV positive individuals and its correlation with the CD4 count.
gondii is a coccidian parasite of felids with humans and other warm blooded animals serving as intermediate hosts.