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Referring to the lacy neurofibrillary material present in the center of the rosettes of neuroblastomas, ganglioneuroblastomas and benign ganglioneuromas, which corresponds to 6–10-nm cytoplasmic filaments, cell processes with microtubules, rare dense core granules, synaptic vesicles, cell junction material
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But Gross pokes into (agreeably) cobwebby nooks and crannies that even the long tendrils of Google cannot reach--at least not yet.
Gomez - superbly played by John Astin - was a sinister lawyer who kept a pet octopus named Aristotle, Carolyn Jones as wife Morticia favouring cobwebby black dresses, an alarmingly chalk-white face while cultivating man-eating plants.
Oxford permitted me (in fact, even encouraged me) to skulk around further in the dusty and cobwebby comers of the OED and other dictionaries, and More Weird and Wonderful Words has just been published (Oxford, 2003, hardcover, 0-19-517057-1, $16.
Capsules with valves not cobwebby on edges (or fruit noncapsular) (0); loculicidal capsules with valves cobwebby on edges (1) (a) This character was recorded from older stems.
Alas, a candle-lit night spent peering into cobwebby old cellars and crawling through tunnels produced nothing scarier than a couple of spiders and a mouse.
Turning and fumbling among a pile of dusty cardboard arrow boxes stacked in a cobwebby basement corner, I randomly withdraw and open one.
Lanois on the other hand is the master of ambience, whose often-heavy hand casts a layer of cobwebby translucence, stamping his subjects' work as much with his own identity as theirs.
There would be plenty of cobwebby nooks and crannies too for Uncle Fester, Thing, Lurch and all the creepy crew.
Now, when I finally found myself before Munch's The Scream, I have to say I found it more powerful, even in its thoroughly mediated familiarity, even in the cobwebby confines of that thoroughly middle-class safety zone, the contemporary fine art museum - even, let it be said, in the midst of the ching
Despite all that's wrong, at least it looks good, particularly when we 'sventure into Satis House to witness MisHavisham presiding over a table creaking with crumbling, cobwebby "wedding cake.
The Bleak Old Shop Of Stuff - the first of a four-parter - is a new story but a very familiar one that's stuffed with those essential Dickensian staples - flinty-hearted lawyers, grubby-faced urchins bursting into song, cobwebby spinsters, suggestive surnames and the spectre of debtor's prison, known here as The Skint.